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C.J.   Moretti

[Scene]    The AW:X promo vision cameras open up to an empty street. It's clear of cars they are all parked in the large driveways, or hidden behind the large garage doors. Each and every house on this block is clean, and well kept. The way the streets look we can tell that we are located in a gated community. The sight of Lincoln Financial Field in the horizon lets us know we are somewhere in South Philadelphia. Off directly ahead of us the large Wrought Iron gates open up allowing a man on a silver and black 2007 Honda CBR to come rolling in. He is headed directly toward us. He comes rolling past us with that loud whining of the engine, and the sun glaring off of the shiny bike. He pulls the bike into a driveway at the tope of the cul-de-sac. He was dressed in a pair of white Nike sneakers, a pair of denim RoccaWear jeans hung loosely around his waste, and a tight black wife beater stuck to his upper body. Revealing tattoos on his back, arms, and neck.  A black and black Philadelphia Eagles fitted hat was turned around backwards on his head. Turning around to look at the cameras he removed the silver mirrored sunglasses, and we could tell it was newly signed AW:X superstar C.J. Moretti. He motioned for the cameras to follow him as he made his way to the front door. As the cameras made it closer to the front door "Blow" by Rick Ross could be heard through the closed door.

[C.J. Moretti]    "...fuck.."

[Scene]    C.J. whispered the words under his breath, and shook his head as he entered inside of his house the music now ten times louder than it was at the front door. He made his way through the large well kept house to a little door which lead to the basement. He opened the door, and made his way into the basement where a few of his lifelong friends were sitting on the couch, floor, and chairs throughout the room. Each of their eyes focused on the large TV we could tell they were playing NBA'08 for PS3. C.J. grabbed the remote control which was sitting on top of one of the speakers, and lowered the music. All of them now turning their heads to look at him. One of them, a larger one, gave him the finger without taking his eyes off the TV.

[C.J. Moretti]    "...Yeah, you too David. Why does it smell like weed down here? I thought I told you no more of that bullshit in my house.."

[Scene]    C.J. now stood up from his seated position on the steps, and made his way further into the basement. As he was walking past David he reached down, and flat hand slapped him on the stomach. A loud noise escaped from David's mouth as he was hit. C.J. then grabbed a seat in a large bean bag chair in the corner of the room. His eyes shooting from the cameras, to each of his friends sitting around. Then a deep voice from off the view of the camera began to speak.

[Matthew Costa]    "...Sorry, but we were bored and we didn't think you would be home for a while. How did everything go today? Get what you needed?.."

[C.J. Moretti]    "...It went good, and yeah actually I finally got everything I needed..."

[David Russo]    "..Oh yeah, Blade stopped by today. Dropped off a bag it's upstairs in the kitchen. He said you would know what to do with it.."

[Scene]    As David said that a confused look came across CJs face. He then stood up from his seat and made his way upstairs into the kitchen closely followed by the AW:X cameras. On the floor as David had said laid a black duffle bag. C.J. picked it up, and carried it over to the kitchen table. He quickly unzipped the bag, and emptied its contents onto the kitchen table. A pair of black wrestling boots with the words Moretti written down the side in white letters was the first thing to pop out. Followed by a pair of jeans which were tagged up with an Italian flag, and letters spelling out "C.J, Moretti." A couple stacks of money dropped out of the bag, and bounced off the table landing on the floor next to his feet. We then heard a loud crack as a VHS tape fell out of the bag, and landed on the table. The last thing to fall out was an envelope "Caden" scrawled across the front. C.J. quickly ripped it out, and looked at the contents. Inside was plane tickets to Virginia, a copy of the card for October 9ths KILLZONE CJs match highlighted, and a folded up note. C.J. then unfolded the note, and began to read it. As he did so by some computerized magic Blade Lopez's voice could be heard reading the words:

            I told you one day you were going to make it somewhere. After three years of training with me everyday. I finally think you're ready for the big time. I hope you're ready for the commitment it's a 365 day a year deal there is no days off, or injury timeouts.  But, from what I've seen I know you can handle that as long as you put your mind to it. I took the liberty last week in getting you a contract with a federation named Adrenaline Wrestling: X. You're first match has been booked already which by this point you may already know. Also I enclosed a copy of "Ganga Kings" first promo cause I doubt you happened to catch that on T.V. Congratulations on your first big break. Don't fuck it up like I did. Don't worry about me rWF is still open so I'll be there for there for as long as they need me. Hopefully, one day you and I will have the chance to meet up in the ring. Keep your head up, and your eyes open. This is the real deal now kid.
                                                                                                                                 Good luck,
                                                                                                                               Blade Lopez

[Scene]    As he was reading the smile on his face grew larger, and larger. After Blade's voice trailed off C.J. set the note down on the table, and looked out of the window of his kitchen. He stood there in silence for a few moments before picking up the VHS which was sitting on the counter. He made his way into the living room, and watched "Ganja Kings" promotion. His eyes fixated on the television screen as Ganja went through his motions. As the television cut to static C.J. turned his head, and looked at the AW:X PromoVision cameras once again. His deep brown eyes were filled with life, and excitement. He sat back in the large black couch as he began to speak.

[C.J. Moretti]    "...Well, if it isn't the Kottonmouth King himself. Zak Taylor.."Ganja King" or whatever it is I'm supposed to be calling you. I'm surprised your even able to function in a wrestling ring. Do you really think you're going to be able to go the distance in this match with me Zak? Your respiratory system is probably in top shape? Right. HaHa. Not to mention your coordination. But whatever enough of Dr. Moretti. I can see why you would want to smoke Madison, and myself but I hate to break it to ya' homie How High was fake. You don't get smarter or someone else's skills from smokin' them. It would be nice if it were possible, but unfortunately that's just a dream. Although, I am happy that I get to wrestle someone like yourself in my debut match. It will be a nice warm-up for bigger, and better things. You see, Zak, I've been training for this day since the day I w as ten years old. It's only taken a decade, but my chance to shine has finally come. I am not going to let a burnout like yourself do anything to hinder my chances of making it to the top. Sure, you may be able to be physical and fuck maybe you even hit hard, but that's doesn't mean anything. Can you last? I mean really last? Go back and forth with me in that ring from one side to the other? I doubt it..."

"..Not to mention last when there is two other people in the ring with you at the same time. Nick Madison, AW:X very own Casper the friendly ghost. From what it seems you are rarely seen, ever. You haven't been seen since your ill fated Ladder match with Ryan Brown. Too embarrassed to show your face? Injured? What is it? Don't feel bad, man, championships just aren't for some people. It's ok though I'll help you out this week I'll make you look good an maybe you'll even get a second chance somewhere down the line. If not, fuck it..."

[Scene]    As the last few words of CJs last sentence trailed off he stood up from the couch, and made his way past the AW:X PromoVision cameras, and headed back to the door of the basement. Stopping for one last look at the contents of the bag now all strewn about the kitchen table, and then a quick glance out of his kitchen window as if he was looking for someone.



[OOC]    Shitty work, but I wanted to get this one up and start on a second. Deadline came up kind of quick. Definitely expect some better work next week. Still need a PB anyone have any suggestions let me know.